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I have had the privilege of having John as my business coach for the last 7 years. He has helped me through a career transition and most recently he has been a driving force in helping me launch my own consulting practice. His wisdom, patience and ability to facilitate clarity from his clients is a gift to those who work with him.

Steve W.

Fort Worth, TX.

I recently participated in John's course, Pivot From Your Heart. Wow! His 4-step reinvention formula is a game changer! I came into his course frustrated and confused about what my next move might look like and by the third week, I was re writing my career story and I had reframed my mindset around my age and value in the business world. Fast forward 3 weeks...I just landed an amazing position with a company I would never have even considered sending a resume to. I feel so empowered!

Karla M.

Carlsbad, CA.

John is simply one of the best mindset coaches on the planet! He has an uncanny ability to see through your story and get you to tap into your heart. As an actor, I had been typecast into a specific type of role. The roles had dried up and I was concerned that my career was over. I was frustrated and sad because acting ignited my passion and gave me a strong sense of purpose. I hired John and within a few weeks he had me thinking way outside my box. With John's help, I began to view my age differently and I started booking auditions for roles that were more in alignment with my new stage of life. As of this writing, I have landed a role in a production that will test my range as an actor but most importantly it feels authentic to the new me. It's nice to know that John is there whenever I need to make a mental shift! I am excited that he has launched The Career Reinvention Institute as he truly helped me to reinvent mine.

Emily B.

Thousand Oaks, CA.

Hire this guy! If you are willing, he will take you on a journey that is both scary and thrilling! You will learn about yourself and experience transformations you never saw coming. He is masterful at getting you to think outside the box. He asks questions that help you find answers that were there all along. Not only has his coaching been transformational, it has truly been life changing.

Neil S.

Buffalo, NY.

We all have a lifelong dream. Many of us were told it was impractical or foolhardy. One day, we may wake up and say is this it?  I was that person. With John's guidance, I began to see why I was feeling so unfulfilled in my  life and career. John gave me permission to dream again and dream bigger than I had ever done before. Over the course of 6 months, I began to gain clarity and a new sense of purpose. John walked me through his 4-step process for gaining clarity and taking action. I launched a side business that has allowed me to pursue my passion for design and with his continued guidance my goal is to one day soon, write my "letter of resignation" (one of John's most powerful exercises) and become a full time business owner! So awesome!!!

Celia V.

Framingham, MA.



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