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Have you ever said to yourself, "I know I'm capable of achieving so much more"? Have you ever considered changing careers, leaving a dead-end job or even starting your own business but instead, you allowed fear or self-doubt to keep you from taking the action steps necessary to move you toward a more compelling future? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you're not alone! 20 years ago, I was standing in your shoes. I was frustrated, burned out and feeling like I had sold out on my dreams and ambitions. I knew it was time to get out of my head and make a Pivot From My Heart! To learn more about this life changing course, visit Pivot From Your Heart


Coaching will be a crucial part of your career reinvention. Your career reinvention coach will serve as an objective set of eyes, someone who will see things you may have overlooked and help you design a strategy that meets your goals and objectives. The career reinvention process takes time and you are going to face unforeseen obstacles as you make your pivot toward a more fulfilling and meaningful next chapter. Coaching will help you make this transition period both productive and enlightening.  We offer a complimentary strategy call to talk about your career reinvention goals. Schedule yours today! 520-973-8624


The JP Burton Group is a strategic partner within The Career Reinvention Institute. We offer an array of workshops, masterminds and group coaching programs that are designed to prepare you for next level success. To learn more about us visit our website at The JP Burton Group

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