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Most of us will face the need for a reinvention at some point in our professional career. Some of us more than once. In a world where disruption is commonplace, our ability to evolve and grow is crucial to our lasting success. It's important that you understand your strengths and weakness's, your passion and purpose and most importantly, your own story. At The Career Reinvention Institute our mission is to help you create a vision of the future you and then design a strategy to help you pivot in a new direction, one that is in alignment with your core beliefs and values.

              Rewriting Your Story...


All of us have a career story to tell. We have gone through career satisfaction, dissatisfaction and points in between. Many of us started our career down a logical path. A logical path found us earning a degree or certification and then going to work for a company in our chosen field. We worked hard to advance through the ranks only to one day realize that our logical career no longer provided us with a sense of meaning and fulfillment. Others took the dreamer's path. From a young age we followed our dreams and eventually found ourselves in a career that filled our hearts but not necessarily our bank accounts. On both the logical and dreamer paths, we built a story around who we had become. Most of us identify heavily with what we have done in our work life. It is often very difficult to disassociate from our career story. At The Career Reinvention Institute, one of our first objectives is to help you reframe and rewrite your career story. What were some of the great moments in your career? What were some of the not so great ones? Who have you become? Who do you desire to become? What elements of your career brought you great joy, what elements brought you unhappiness and possibly even pain? All of these questions will help you create a new and compelling vision of what you would like your ideal career or business venture to look like. The best way to change an old story is to rewrite a new one. We will help you do just that. 

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You know it's time to make a change, you have felt unsettled for months maybe even years. You experience that unmistakable feeling of dread when the alarm goes off at 6 am. You wish Monday morning was Friday night! If any of these feelings sound familiar, It's time to make a pivot! 


A pivot is simply a shift from going from one direction to another. It sounds simple enough but in reality, it takes a great deal of courage and planning to make a life changing pivot. At The Career Reinvention Institute, our team will help you design a strategic pivot plan and then help you stay accountable to the process. Our proven strategies have helped professionals just like you, begin a journey that leads you to your dream career of business venture. If you are ready to make a pivot, we would love to visit with you.


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